Top 5 Good Gaming Habits

Forming Good Gaming Habits

Gaming is an excellent way for children to develop social skills, be creative and to grow their character.

However it is important to ensure that when a child is playing games that they don't become obsessed and disconnected from the real world.

So here are our 5 tips for children to form good gaming habits, stay happy, connected to the real world.

Homework First
This way they can enjoy your gaming knowing that all work has been done
Time Limit
Setting a time limit and then making sure your child chooses to stop is a real test of willpower and benefits building self control. This also sets an expectation for your child so they can ensure they are aware there might not be enough time to start a new match or level.
Prioritise Physical Activites
Exercising and sports are better for health than gaming but not as easy. It's always important to encourage any physical exercise over gaming, whether that a simple walk to playing outside with others.
Get some sleep
Tiredness can negatively affect your child's mood and ability to concentrate. This includes gaming as well as school or being able to hold a conversation with family and friends. Make sure you child priorities sleep over gaming. At the end of the day the game will still be there.
Spend time with other people
Spending more time with others and less time gaming alone in their room is so important to a balanced social life. Whilst gaming can provide social interaction online it can also trap them in a virtual world becoming disconnected from friends and family in the real world.