Managing your mobile

Managing Your Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is a fantastic way for us to socialise, play games and build skills that are now a requirement in the modern world.

However it is important to ensure that when using a mobile that you manage it so it doesn’t adversely impact on your life.

So here are our 5 tips for children to manage their mobiles and to stay happy and connected.

Have some phone-free time
Getting phone free time is so important to you and other around you. So take more notice of them and try to be as active as possible.
Check your mobile phone less often
It's so hard not to be in the know; however, you shouldn't feel the need to reply to all messages instantly. Instead take a break, the message isn't going anywhere.
Avoid using you phone before bed
Letting you brain wind down for 1 hour before you go to sleep and leaving your phone outside your room is key to a restful sleep.
Turn it off
It's normal and ok to turn your phone off to stop it distracting you. Whether your sitting down for a meal, doing homework or spending time with family or friends.
Control you notifications and don't let them control you. Use your settings to only show what's important or simply turn them off if they are bothering you.