Whatever the risks, we can help mitigate them. Keeping children safe online while keeping you compliant.

When you’re working with children, in any professional capacity, you need to be confident that the procedures you put in place will successfully mitigate risk and harm. Not only is this vital for ensuring the safety and welfare of any children in your care, it’s also crucial for keeping within compliant guidelines concerning your obligation to child safety.

A significant part of this obligation is making sure you have processes in place that prevent risk to children and young people in the online environment. Whether you have existing processes that need assessing or you are unsure of your obligations, we can perform an extensive review of your requirements and establish a robust framework for ongoing safeguarding practices.

Whether you have existing procedures or not, we can identify areas for development that will ultimately lead to children being better protected in the online environment.

Chief i-venger, Traci Good

Nurseries & Early Years

The advantages of allowing young children access to digital technologies far outweigh the negatives as long as risks are recognised and properly managed. We can assist with onsite assessment concerning online safety, helping nurseries, pre-schools and childcare providers work towards 360 Online Safety Mark standards and practices.

Schools (Key Stages 1 - 4)

As the web and digital technologies become a progressively prominent feature in pupils’ learning and development, it’s increasingly more important for schools to ensure their safety online. We can perform a review of safeguarding practices across Key Stages 1 through 4, ensuring schools achieve 360 Online Safety Mark accreditation* (accreditation cost is extra, status withstanding for three years).

Colleges & Sixth forms

As with all schools, both colleges and sixth forms also share a duty of care towards their students using digital technologies to aid and advance their studies. We can review safeguarding practices for high education providers, ensuring 360 Online Safety Mark accreditation is achieved (accredited status withstanding for three years).

Sports clubs & Youth projects

Outside school activities, such as sports clubs, computer clubs and various other youth projects are excellent ways for children to broaden their learning and social development — with digital technologies being a frequent presence in these settings. We can review safeguarding procedures, helping organisations work towards 360 groups’ standards and practices.

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