Special education needs and disabilities

Empowering children and young people with SEND to safely make the most of the internet and technology.

For children and young people with special education needs and disabilities, the online environment provides many benefits and opportunities. In addition to accessing all the excellent resources for specialised learning and support, it’s also a place where many feel safe, where they can make friends and build a social community they may not otherwise have access to offline. That’s why it’s so important we do everything to ensure things stay that way.

Whilst digital technologies have a profoundly positive impact, there will unfortunately always be the possibility of risk, especially to those who are most vulnerable. By working together in schools, homes and across communities, we can empower children and young people with SEND to not only use technology safely but also to the best of their abilities, without limiting or restricting the wonderful things they can accomplish.

Online safety is a fundamental part of safeguarding responsibilities to children and young people with SEND. But more importantly, it’s a crucial aspect of empowering them to safely achieve more and without limitations.

Chief i-venger, Traci Good

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